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General Data/DASD/Storage Environment

z/OS Version:
Options (check all that are utilized):
Number of Sysplexes::
Everything shared within a Sysplex (i.e. DFSMS, DFSMShsm, DASD, Catalogs):
DASD Size (TB):
Data Management (check all that are used):
DFSMS used to manage data placement and mgmt criteria:
DASD Systems (check all that are used):
Current z/OS storage management tools:
Specific storage mgmt requirements or problem areas:

Catalog Management

Average number of catalogs on a system:
Catalogs and/or data sets still utilize IMBED and/or REPLICATE:
Current catalog management, backup, MERGECAT tools:
Catalog diagnostics are performed:
Catalog backup frequency:
When was most recent critical catalog failure:
When was most recent non-critical catalog failure:
When was most recent catalog reorganization:
Criteria to determine if BCS reorganization is needed:
Ability to obtain system standalone time for catalog maintenance:
Current system structure:
Utilize a single master catalog:
MLA value:

Tape Management

Tape Catalog:
Tape Robots/Virtual Tape:

HSM Management

CDS size (number or records):
Current HSM management tools:
HSM environment audit frequency:
HSM used for data backup:
Migrated data backed up:
RECYCLE % for backup tapes:
RECYCLE % for Migration tapes:
HSM environment contains (check all that apply):
Number of ML1 volumes:
Number of data sets on ML1 volumes:
Number of ML2 tapes:
Number of data sets on ML2 tapes:
Number of backup tapes:
Number of backup up data sets:
Biggest concerns about the HSM environment:
Most time spent on these tasks when managing HSM:

VSAM Performance Management

Percentage of data set access involving native VSAM:
Use of DB2:
Use of IBM's Batch-LSR product:
VSAM Application Performance Mgmt:
VSAM activity negatively impacts application throughput:
VSAM activity negatively inflates application's resource consumption:
("Shift creep" i.e. 3rd shift creeps into 1st shift because VSAM 
run for son long, especially when re-runs are necessary)
Long running VSAM applications cause "shift creep":
VSAM activity negatively inflates application's resource consumption:(1)

Security Requirements

Enterprise PC security software utilized: *
Systems have internet access:
RSA 2-factor authentication utilized:
Use of Virtual IP Addresses::
Security passphrase support required:

List all CPUs with serial #'s (i.e. xxxx-xxx ##########):

Extended Capabilities

We would like a free trial of these extended UDM capabilities:

We request that DINO-Software Corporation, ("DINO"), arrange a 90-day evaluation of the software.
We agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. In this agreement the word "software" includes the DINO programs distributed to us (including,
    but not limited to, all algorithms, ideas, and concepts embodied therein), its documentation, any
    related information disclosed by DINO and any portion of these items, in any form.
  2. The software embodies confidential information and trade secrets of DINO. We will not disclose
    any portion of the software to any third party or to any person who is not our full-time employee
    having a need to know for the purpose of this evaluation. We agree to use the software on the
    specific CPU(s) listed below for the purpose of evaluation only. We agree not to copy, sell, give away, or otherwise transfer the software or any portion thereof. We will not reverse-compile, disassemble, or trace the software.
  3. DINO or its distributors will not be liable for any direct, special, indirect, or consequential
    damages resulting from use of the software.
  4. At the end of the evaluation period we will either purchase the right to use said software or
    we will provide written notification of discontinuance of optionally available functionality.

Submit the form if you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions above.

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