T-REX V7.2

T-REX Access Method Services/Extended

T-REX is a mainframe utility to analyze, diagnose, report, backup and repair clusters and ICF (Integrated Catalog Facility) components in a z/OS environment. T-REX was built from the ground up to incorporate the latest features and functions, making it superior to the other conglomeration of old technology in this particular area.

T-REX comes to you from the original Softworks® developers who devised the Mechanic® and later Catalog Solution® over 20 years ago. They applied their collective experience, incorporating modern design methodologies and technology to produce the latest, state-of-the-art catalog management product available today. T-REX can repair any VSAM object (BCS, KSDS, and Variable RRDS) with a broken index within minutes. The product complements and enhances IBM's Access Method Services (IDCAMS) utility and provides additional flexibility through keyword options and new functionality. This dynamic MVS batch facility can multi-task many of its commands and provides full object support. It is faster, smarter and stronger than ever before.

Enhancements in T-REX v7.2

z/OS 2.2 Support

  • Full support for IBM’s z/OS 2.2 operating system and earlier
  • Full support for Extended Generation Data Groups

T-REX Batch Enhancements

  • ANALYZE BCS identifies VSAM Cluster Sphere records with unique volume references nearing the execution time limit of 59.
  • INTEGRITYCHECK OBJ(CS) FOCUS(VOL) supports new keyword BYAPSSIAM to flag unexpected BCS record Type-C returned for non-VSAM data set entries found on DASD volumes with an informational message rather than as an error.
  • INTEGRITYCHECK command executes in SIMULATE mode with the AUTOFIX capability.
  • MODIFY command allows GDG Base modifications for PURGE, NOPURGE, LIFO, and FIFO.

ISPF Panel Enhancements

  • Option 4.1 Catalog View provides logic to “Define” User Catalog Aliases for selected catalogs.
  • Option 6.3 VTOC Record View provides the capability to “scratch” Data Set Control Blocks from the VTOC.