Enhancements in T-REX V7.4


z/OS 2.4 Support

  • Full support for IBM’s z/OS 2.4 operating system and earlier
  • RAPTOR support for RMM V2R4
  • Full compliance with the z/OS 2.4 restriction of common storage and user key (8-15)

T-REX Product Enhancements

  • The REORG command has been enhanced with keyword PRE-REORG which allows the user to generate a LISTCAT of the catalog’s self-describing record as well as the user catalog connector record prior to the catalog being reorganized.
  • The REORG command has been enhanced to optionally reset the catalog statistics maintained in the catalog address space following the reorganization of an ICF catalog.
  • New diagnostics for the INTEGRITYCHECK command have been added which perform structural validation for BCSs, VVDSs, and keyed and non-keyed VSAM clusters providing services that complement the IDCAMS EXAMINE command.
  • The REPORT command now provides reports which provide insight into catalog I/O statistics and cache utilization/strategy allowing you to more easily assess Catalog Address Space performance.
  • The ANALYZE VVDS command now informs you when VUNALLOCATE is enabled in the catalog address space alerting you to possible CAS performance degradation.
  • Summary reports have been added to commands DUMP, RESTORE, IMPORT, DRIMPORT, and most INTEGRITYCHECK objects to provide an “easy to view” snapshot of command activity.
  • Messages indicating license expiration can now be written to the console allowing users to easily identify when they need to renew their licenses.
  • LISTCAT now comes with a user exit which will generate IDCAMS ALTER ROLLIN control cards for generation data sets in a deferred status.
  • A volume list can now be generated via a LISTCAT user exit. The volume list can then be used as input to the T-REX MODIFY command or for other purposes.